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5 foot 9 measurements 36-24-36 Exotic Caucasian

To know me is to truly love me, it’s been a long time since I updated my page but now this is
about me my true self. I’m going to share with you something’s that are personal. Most escorts don’t do this but that’s what makes me more than an escort, that’s what makes me who I am, an Earth Angel, but don’t get me confused I am a chameleon. I can adapt to any and every situation. I’m a muse, a motivator, an artist. There’s so many things but the most important thing is how to love. Now let’s get started. One thing that keeps me strong is my higher power. I grew up in Columbia Maryland, was raised with a mother who did not know how to show emotions, you were taught to be seen and not heard, not to show emotion and affection very hard for a little girl wanting to be loved. So at age 15 I ran away married a wealthy lawyer, my parents did not love me so the fact that he was well of financially it was not a problem. I married an extremely cruel abusive man, I gave birth to a baby girl. I was a trophy wife. Your probley saying why are you expressing this? Well this took a lot of courage and meditating over, and the answer is if you know the pain that I have been through you can understand why I became
Halley White, you can understand that I take nothing for granted and why I really love what I do.

Some of the most precious companions I’ve been with have opened up to me because they feel
comfort from me, something’s you just can’t fake. I’ve taken my pain through my personal life and embraced it to be a blessing to someone else. Now back to my story. I left an abusive marriage left with my little girl, left my husband, wanted nothing in return, no money, no child support, I wanted peace that surpasses all understanding. I left him with everything, this is when Halley White was born. I first started under another name Demi Martin, I was with an agency before I became independent. I had over 75 reviews from TER, being in the business over 7 years I decided to have them removed. After going to computer and reading things about myself that were extremely flattering and eyebrow raising. And I would like to say thank you for the love. But then there were something’s my friends were writing about me that were somewhat fabricated, exaggerated making me sound like I’m a porn star. That’s not
me. Also reading things about myself that could put my safety at risk. Things that should remain private. So I decided to have them removed. I’ve been in the business over 7 years, I don’t need reviews for you to get to know me. This is why I decided to be so detailed about who I am as a person in this biography about myself, opening up and expressing to you who I am truly am.

What I do with one gentlemen is between me and him. I love gentlemen that do not kiss and
tell. Your privacy is protected when you spend time with me. All I ask is the same in return. I don’t do references. Who you spend your time with when you’re not with me is your business. You don’t have to ask a friend is it ok if you can spend time with another friend. I give as much  of myself as I possibly can to my companions for you to get a feel of  who I am by me doing videos on my website, also on Eros, also on you tube. Also my pictures you see on my website I am as you can see a fitness model and a personal trainer. You can see that from my pictures.  You can get a feel of my personality from my videos bubbly and happy. That’s better than erotic review don’t you think? I’m a person at the end of the day. I’m not a big fan of TER rating me like I’m a piece of meat that you would buy at the grocery store. If you are a guy that needs to live through someone else fantasy in order to see me then I am not the girl for you. If you are gentlemen that wants to create new HHFE meaning Hot Halley Fantasy Experience then I’m your GIRL.I know how it feels to want to be held. I know what it feels to be misunderstood.  I know what it feels like to want to let go. That’s why I really consider myself a muse, because what truly makes me happy is making you happy. The definition of Halley White truly is a retreat, sensual, sugar, motivate, magical, erotic, healer, naughty, and compassionate. That truly is one in a billion. I love working out, eating right, staying fit is a must. I love being a companion to gentlemen that appreciate me. My pictures are real and I take pride in the fact that they are not photo shopped and 100 percent real. I love doing modeling for amateur photographers that want to build their career. True beauty is natural beauty and inner beauty. I’m also a personal trainer meaning I can personally train you lol I don’t work at gyms, I visit ladies and gentlemen and teach them how to work out and eat right. As intimidating as I may look I am passionate, patient and caring and trusting that’s what keeps my friends coming back. I am a believer in karma!! Whatever energy you put out comes back. Being a fitness model my weight changes, to my friends that like me shapely with curves, my photo shoots between the
months of April, may, June, July, Aug and Sep, are dedicated to you. My friends that love a fitness model, being with a women with a dancer body, six pack, very few people on the earth can achieve this lol yes don’t mean to brag but I work extremely hard to achieve this look with blood sweat and tears, dieting, Oh yes back to what I was saying lol my friends that like me model thin, athletic, 6% body fat these photo shoots are dedicated to you Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and March, these months are dedicated to you. These months I’m very athletic looking due to figure modeling, fitness modeling and personal training. Also the biggest question everyone asks me, I feel the need to address this question after finding out about my long lost father. My father is mixed, Italian and Puerto Rican and my mother is white she is from England. I consider myself Caucasian. Thank you for reading and taking the time out of your busy day to get to know me now pick up the phone and let me know you.

Much love. To knew me truly is to love me Halley White

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